Innovation in cultural activities is a must in the new era: chief custodian
Thursday , 05/27/2021 - 16:54
Innovation in cultural activities is a must in the new era: chief custodian
Astan Quds Razavi’s new guidelines demand innovation in cultural activities to transfer religious concepts to the new generation.

In a meeting of AQR Special Occasions Directorate, which was held with the special theme of Karamat 10-day celebrations, Hoj Ahmad Marvi, the AQR chief custodian, pointed to the coincidence of this year’s Karamat celebrations with the presidential elections.
“The principle of Islamic Revolution and the discourse of Imam Khomeini and the Revolution’s Leader, is the touchstone of all the AQR measures, but this holy establishment will not involve in any factional or party issues,” he said.
Underscoring that AQR should only facilitate the maximum participation in the elections, he added, “Special cultural programs of Karamat celebrations should not bring the slightest doubt of the institution’s involvement in elections and supporting candidates, factions and political affiliations.
He noted that AQR cultural and media departments should try to influence the atmosphere of the election by Razavi conduct during the days of Karamat celebrations and this does not mean diminishing the election atmosphere in the country, but it means influencing and illuminating this atmosphere with the Razavi teachings.
Highlighting the need to use creativity and innovation in the programs he said, “Today, the development of mass communication technologies and cyberspace has turned the world into a single global village. Stereotypes do not have the necessary impact on a generation that is confronted with new phenomena every day, and cultural officials and institutions have a difficult task ahead of them in presenting religious and spiritual issues in attractive ways.”
According to Hoj Marvi, AQR should also set a central slogan for each year based on its goals and as a roadmap and then mobilize all its units and departments to fulfill them.
Furthermore, he stressed the importance of providing proper services to pilgrims throughout the year, especially on religious occasions, saying that priorities such as parking lots and facilitating the entry of pilgrims to the shrine, should be considered by consolidating capacities so that we can provide an easy and peaceful pilgrimage for the pilgrims in cooperation with urban and provincial bodies.
Considering the approaching days of Imam Khomeini’s demise anniversary, he remarked, “Imam Khomeini is the great architect of the Islamic Revolution, and continuation of his revolutionary movement and explaining his thoughts to the next generation is our duty. Programs commemorating the anniversary should be held worthy of his name and position.”