All AQR sections obliged to take maximum electricity-saving measures
Saturday , 07/10/2021 - 17:24
All AQR sections obliged to take maximum electricity-saving measures
The chief custodian of Astan Quds Razavi has obliged all affiliated sections and companies to take maximum measures for efficient use of electricity.

In a meeting of the AQR council of deputies, Hoj. Ahmad Marvi said all sections affiliated to Imam Raza (AS) holy shrine have to efficiently manage energy consumption and save electricity as much as possible. “The administrative section needs to lower the use of air conditioning systems and seriously manage to save electricity.”
Demanding that the electricity-saving measures have to be taken in the holy shrine as well he maintained: “It is imperative for us to reduce lighting of the shrine at a time when people are going through difficulties. The holy shrine organization is expected to get some teams to investigate and identify sections where electricity consumption could be lowered.”
Accordingly, it has been ordered that guidelines for saving electricity be prepared. For instance, fountains, minarets, and those parts where illumination is not necessary need to be included. “Although the architectural beauty and splendor of the shrine is impacted, we have to set an example for saving energy while people are faced with electricity-related hardships,” said the official.
Stressing that saving electricity and avoiding waste of energy have to be the guideline for different sections in AQR, Hoj. Marvi noted that since all the revenues of the holy shrine come from the public donations and endowments, it is incumbent upon all sections and employees of the shrine to avoid squandering, and to make sure that all the resources and equipment are appropriately consumed.
This summer, Iranian cities are witnessing power outages due to problems in electricity supply.