How to find lost property at Imam Reza holy shrine?

Tuesday , 07/13/2021 - 14:27
The general directorate of Imam Reza holy shrine runs 10 offices for safekeeping of people’s properties since the daily presence of thousands of pilgrims and visitors in the holy shrine has made losing of personal items inevitable.

The lost items such as documents, cell phones, jewelry, etc. are registered in these offices and kept in a big area for a long time until the owners reclaim them.
To prevent the loss of personal items, the general directorate of Imam Reza holy shrine suggests that pilgrims and visitors leave their properties with the offices for safekeeping at the entrances prior to entering the holy shrine and get a receipt. They can easily reclaim their objects after finishing their pilgrimage or visit.
In case there is a problem, people can refer to the lost properties offices at each courtyard and portico 24/7, declare that they have lost something, fill in a form, and it will be taken care of.
The headquarters of the lost objects is located on the west of the holy shrine, at Sheikh Tousi dead-end, near the Qadir courtyard. People can also call the central office at +98-51-32002840-1, or send emails to AMANAT@AQRAZAVI.ORG. In case of a robbery, pilgrims and visitors can refer to the resident police next to Imam Hassan Mojtaba courtyard, or reach them at +98-51-32256990.