Special programs for pilgrims and tourists in Imam Reza holy shrine

Saturday , 07/17/2021 - 8:41
The general directorate of Imam Reza holy shrine holds different religious, scientific and cultural programs for more than two million pilgrims and tourists to Mashhad each year.

Upon arrival of foreign tourists at Imam Reza holy shrine, the servants notify the general directorate to send interpreters of related languages. The foreign visitors then refer to the tourism office, watch a five-minute documentary to get acquainted with the holy shrine, and can ask a religious expert should they have any questions about Islam. After that, the interpreter, who is also a tour guide of the holy shrine, shows the tourists around the shrine and provides an up-close introduction of different sections. The tour is free except for visiting the big Razavi museum located inside Imam Reza holy shrine. The current ticket price is 30,000 Tomans for each person. At the end, the tourists are granted a cultural package, which includes a post card and a book.
The Urdu pilgrims can enjoy different programs including congregational prayer, introduction of the holy shrine, religious lectures, etc. in Kowsar portico to the east of the Holy Prophet courtyard.
The Azeri- and Turkic-speaking pilgrims from Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey can benefit from different special programs held in the Dar al-Rahmah portico, located between Jomhuri Eslami courtyard and Gowharshad Mosque.
The Arab pilgrims can also take advantage of congregational prayers, religious lectures, holy Quran recitation, etc. held in Qadir courtyard on the west of the holy shrine during summer, and in the Dar al-Marhamah portico in the basement of Imam Khomeini portico during winter.
The foreign tourists should get in touch with the holy shrine general directorate through Iran’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts. For direct contact, however, they can dial+ 00985132002800.