Luminaries resting in peace within the shrine confines: Sheikh Horr Ameli

Thursday , 07/22/2021 - 8:50
Luminaries resting in peace within the shrine confines: Sheikh Horr Ameli
Sheikh Mohammad ibn Hassan Horr Ameli known as Sheikh Horr Ameli was born on the night of Friday, 8th of Rajab 1033 AH, in the village of Mashghareh in the Jabal Amel region of Lebanon. His lineage goes back to Horr ibn Yazid Riahi, a martyr of Karbala Battle through 36 intermediaries.

Sheikh Horr Ameli was a Shia scholar, jurist and narrator of traditions (hadith) in the 11th century AH. The Sheikh was brought up in the school of great masters such as Feyz Kashani. He is the author of "Wasa'il al-Shia", one of the most valuable books of Shia hadith references, which is still used and introduced by scholars as a reference book.
Sheikh Horr Ameli was not a man of research and writing only, but he was considered one of the most successful men of his time in teaching and training students. His place of teaching was the holy city of Mashhad and courtyards of Imam Reza holy shrine. Although the exact number of Sheikh's students is not known, according to some contemporaries his classes were among the most glorious ones in his time. Sheikh Horr Ameli was successful in delivering tens of valuable books to the Shia society during his life time.
At the age of forty, Sheikh Horr went to Iraq from Jabal Amel to visit the holy shrines and from there he traveled to Mashhad to visit Imam Reza holy shrine. Following his visit to Mashhad, the Sheikh found the city a suitable place for living so he stayed there. His behavior towards people of Mashhad was such that everyone soon fell in love with his behavior and he became a popular character among the public.
Sheikh Horr Ameli, this wise man of the time, finally passed away on 21st of Ramadan 1104 AH at the age of 71. His holy body was buried at one of the chambers of Imam Reza holy shrine next to Mirza Jafar's school. His grave is now visited by a large number of pilgrims of Imam Reza holy shrine particularly people of knowledge.