How to get food in Imam Reza (AS) holy shrine guesthouses?

Saturday , 07/17/2021 - 8:55
For hundreds of years, a great number of pilgrims and people have donated money and endowed properties to the general directorate of the holy shrine in a bid to take part in preparing and distributing charity food among people.

The holy shrine’s Guesthouse Management Office employs the best Iranian chefs to prepare 15,000 portions of food from the best materials on a daily basis. The food is provided to the pilgrims free of charge two times a day for lunch and dinner. By the way, the food menu is different every day.
Foreign pilgrims and tourists visiting Mashhad can refer to the “Rezvan Application” section in the Qadir portico in Qadir courtyard of the holy shrine, show their passports, and receive a restaurant coupon once a year. They can later get their food in the Qadir guesthouse.   
In addition, the pilgrims who donate to Imam Reza holy shrine, will receive some restaurant coupons.