Iranian, Iraqi holy shrines sign MoU for scientific, cultural cooperation
Sunday , 07/18/2021 - 7:35
Iranian, Iraqi holy shrines sign MoU for scientific, cultural cooperation
Iraqi’s Kadhimiya and Iran’s Imam Reza holy shrines have signed a memorandum of understanding for scientific and cultural cooperation.

The MoU was signed by Saad Mohammad Hojiyeh, the deputy custodian of Kadhimiya holy shrine and Abdolhamid Talebi, the head of Scientific and Cultural Organization of Astan Quds Razavi in the presence of a group of directors of cultural and scientific institutions of the organization.
The need for interaction and cooperation between the two holy shrines in scientific and cultural fields was emphasized in the joint meeting. The document of cooperation will be implemented after final approval and notification by the chief custodians of the two establishments.
Holding Quran recitation courses, holding joint Quranic conferences on different occasions throughout the year, cooperation in training Mahd al-Reza instructors, etc. are some areas of cooperation underscored in the document.
Furthermore, the presidents of Razavi Islamic Sciences University and Imam Reza International University announced readiness to cooperate with Kadhimiya holy shrine in organizing seminars and conferences on special occasions, joint publications in Arabic and Persian languages, etc.
The CEOs of institutions such as AQR Islamic Research Foundation, AQR Institute of Artistic Creations and AQR Publishing Institute, also announced their readiness for any mutual cooperation, including production of works of art and cultural gifts, holding joint exhibitions and similar activities.
The cooperation of the libraries under both shrines was also one of the topics discussed at the meeting.