Imam Reza holy shrine holds Ashura mourning ceremony under full health protocols

Thursday , 08/19/2021 - 19:27
Imam Reza holy shrine holds Ashura mourning ceremony under full health protocols
Like Tasua ceremonies, Imam Reza holy shrine has held mourning ceremonies for Ashura day with full observance of health protocols and least number of pilgrims.

This year’s martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS) was held with observing social distancing, donning face masks and constant disinfection of different courtyards and porticos; almost all ceremonies were covered live in order to provide all world Muslims with a possibility to follow holy shrine’s mourning programs. 
Concurrent with Ashura, afflictions and sacrifices of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) during the tragedy of Karbala were recited in the presence of a limited number of pilgrims. 
Addressing participants of the ceremony, Leader’s representative in Khorasan Razavi Province and Friday prayer leader of Mashhad, Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Alamolhoda said: “Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions stood against 30,000-strong army of Omar ibn Sa’ad”. 
Ayatollah Alamolhoda added: “Although the number of companions of the Imam (AS) against the enemy was very limited, they became the real victors because they were fighting for truth and today, centuries after the incident, everyone remembers martyrs of Karbala with good memories”. 
He went on to say: “Imam Hussein’s (AS) movement was in fact an act against the corrupt system of Yazid, otherwise the acceptance of tyranny and suppression would have become a culture in the society”.
“The deviation that had been formed in the Muslim community at the time needed correction, and the Imam (AS) stood against these deviations,” he noted.
Alamolhoda further noted that Imam Hussein’s (AS) uprising does not belong to a special time and place, rather it covers all aspects of Muslims’ lives; “On Ashura, not only Shia Muslims but also all freedom-seekers from around the world mourn the tragic incident”. 
The ceremony was continued by Ayatollah Alamolhoda’s reading of Maqtal (story of the battle of Karbala and martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS)) and some eulogy recitations. Mourners also said their noon and afternoon prayers in memory of last prayer of Imam Hussein (AS). All the ceremonies were covered live by the IRIB channels and Astan Quds Razavi’s social channels.