Virtual shrine, Imam Reza holy shrine’s new service for pilgrims

Tuesday , 12/21/2021 - 7:49
Virtual shrine, Imam Reza holy shrine’s new service for pilgrims
News and Modern Media Management Office of Astan Quds Razavi has run a new system with which lovers and devotees of Imam Reza (AS) can have a virtual tour in holy shrine’s different courtyards and porticos regardless of their geographical place, says Jamal Rostamzadeh, head of the office.

Rostamzadeh introduced new modeling of the system and its correspondence with the architectural elements of the holy shrine as the most important feature of the new system. 
In this modeling which has been done by photogrammetric method and by using HDRP technology, a large number of shrine’s 3D photo and video shots have been used in the software so that the pilgrims can have a real-like sense of pilgrimage. 
Regarding the reasons behind formation of this four-language platform, Rostamzadeh explained: “In the last two or three years when the whole world was infected with the coronavirus and many restrictions had been imposed on the usual routines especially in the field of travel and pilgrimage, the need for such a system was really felt. Although no program can convey sense of a real pilgrimage, we did our best to use the platforms and latest technology of the world for this important issue so that we can convey the greatest sense of pilgrimage for the interested people”.
According to the official, there is an opportunity for pilgrims and devotees of Imam Reza (AS) everywhere in the world to have an online pilgrimage only by entering the site through cyberspace. In the virtual shrine system, one can also see the display of scenes and porticos as well as scientific centers. The viewer can also take a tour of the shrine in 3D, panorama and 360-degree film on a variety of platforms. 
The HDRP technology used in this new system is the newest gaming technology in the world with very high graphics; the new system can be used by Android and IOS users as well as users of windows and virtual reality eyeglasses.