Imam Reza holy shrine, starting point for marital lives

Tuesday , 12/21/2021 - 8:53
Imam Reza holy shrine, starting point for marital lives
Imam Reza holy shrine has traditionally been a starting point for marital lives and formation of new families since hundreds of years ago, says Hoj. Beshkani, the official in charge of Sheik Tousi portico of the holy shrine.

Hoj. Beshkani said: “These days, Sheikh Tousi portico of the Imam Reza holy shrine is the 24/7 place at which young men and women receive holy shrine’s special services for marriage.” 
Appreciating Imam Reza holy shrine for providing young couples with this service, Saeed and his wife, one of these couples, said: “Becoming understood by our parents on blessings of concluding religious matrimony at Imam Reza holy shrine, we decided to start our new life in the vicinity of Imam Reza’s holy tomb”.
Saeed also said: “Imam Reza holy shrine’s Sheikh Tousi portico has become a hub to host all new men and women who are going to kick off their new life”. 
Talking about his memorable experience and also services of the holy shrine for new couples, Saeed stressed: “Upon entering the portico, identity information of the bride and groom is recorded and then words of religious matrimony contract are read by a clergyman and the two persons become spouses of each other”.
He further said: “The newly formed family is invited to the holy shrine’s guesthouse when the couple is finished with the religious contract”. 
Among services of this kind for the Iranian people, Imam Reza holy shrine provides foreign couples with ceremonies of religious matrimony conclusions at the Deputy Office for Foreign Pilgrims’ Affairs of Imam Reza holy shrine where foreign couples can start their new life in a very spiritual place.
According to him, the holy shrine hosted over 10 thousand religious marriage contracts during last year.