Imam Reza University’s educational programs meet international standards

Sunday , 12/26/2021 - 8:05
Imam Reza University’s educational programs meet international standards
Seeking excellence in learning, teaching and research, Imam Reza International University pursues addressing and alleviating national and organizational problems as its main goal.

As an affiliation with Astan Quds Razavi, the body in charge of Imam Reza holy shrine, and as a comprehensive university offering a variety of disciplines, Imam Reza International University seeks answers to the paramount problems affecting Imam Reza holy shrine, the city of Mashhad and the whole country. 
IRIU resulted from outgrowth of educational initiatives undertaken by Astan Quds Razavi and started its activities in 2003, based on licenses granted by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Due to its modern educational programs and research facilities which basically meet international and domestic standards, this university has been classified as one of the most credible ones among the non-governmental academic centers in Iran. 
The international activities of Imam Reza International University have begun practically from the date of its establishment in 2003. In January 2009 and in order to promote the international programs, an international office was established in this university. This office took the responsibility of managing and coordinating international activities of the university. 
With over 30000 square meters of educational space, the university houses a treasure of experienced instructors and lecturers, teaching more than 6000 students at various academic levels. Imam Reza International University is a symbol of religious university in Iran. Its specific design and architecture makes it unique among other Iranian universities.
In addition to large number of Iranians studying at this academic center, a population of about 300 foreign students from Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Syria are engaged in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs at the university.