Glory, prosperity of society depend upon culture of endeavor: AQR Chief Custodian

Thursday , 12/30/2021 - 13:10
Glory, prosperity of society depend upon culture of endeavor: AQR Chief Custodian
Islam encourages people to work and earn lawful livelihood and such endeavor results in glory and prosperity of the society, says Astan Quds Razavi’s chief custodian Hoj. Ahmad Marvi.

Speaking in a meeting with officials of Endowment Beneficiary Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi, Hoj. Marvi pointed to the emphases of Islam and all the Infallible Imams (AS) on the importance of endeavor for Halal livelihood, saying “Materialistic mentality must not be the dominant doctrine in economic activities as Islam considers work and endeavor as something spiritual and sacred”. 
He added: “According to Islam, working well for the Hereafter depends highly on good endeavor in this world which is considered as a great asset for the Hereafter”. 
The chief custodian further stated that sscientific and creative effort for a better and sustainable use of natural resources is a manifestation of good endeavor. 
Stressing the need for right implementation of AQR’s macro policies, Marvi said: “All activities and policies of the Endowment Beneficiary Foundation must be in line with the organization’s macro policies. These policies are not ceremonial at all, so all activities must be constantly monitored in order to comply with the macro policies’ document”.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Hoj. Marvi asked managers in charge to do their best to find competent successors for themselves, saying: “Discovering and nurturing successors is a necessity for continuation of each organization’s evolution.”  
Underscoring the need for a plan to boost productivity of AQR lands and endowments, he addressed the officials and said: “Find a way to have better use of lands of the organization by inviting and consulting with specialists and experts to remove problems that may affect people concerning these lands”. 
Emphasizing on the importance of creating synergy among AQR companies, Marvi asked the Endowment Beneficiary Foundation to create value chains in all its companies and make them as efficient as possible.  
“One of the most important issues in implementation of projects is maximum use of time, Marvi said adding: “Having a clear time table and implementing each stage according to that time table is one of the most important issues in reducing operating cost of projects and economical implementation of the plans”.