Islamic Research Foundation seeks closer cooperation with world scientific centers

Saturday , 01/01/2022 - 23:02
Islamic Research Foundation seeks closer cooperation with world scientific centers
The head of Al-Zurriya al-Nabaviya Research Center, Ayatollah Monzar Hakim, has paid a visit to Islamic Research Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi to get familiar with its activities and scientific achievements.

Lauding cultural developments in the country, Ayatollah Hakim said: “Islamic Research Foundation has taken major strides to highlight great role of the descendants of the Prophet (pbuh) by implementing different research projects at the Department of Sadat (descendants of the Prophet (pbuh)) and Luminaries”.   
He added: “Islamic Research Foundation has created good grounds for seminary schools and universities’ curriculum, part of which we have used to expand fields of study at Al-Mustafa International University”. 
Also Ahmad Faramarz Gharamaleki, head of the Islamic Research Foundation said: “Thanks to great endeavors of the researchers at this foundation, many excellent works have been created and offered to the interested target groups”. 
Gharamaleki added: “The Department of Sadat and Luminaries of this foundation works at a very high level. It has grown into a position to be used as a reliable source by the judiciary system and leaders of congregational prayers.” 
According to him, IRF is trying to internationalize its works on luminaries and descendants of the Prophet (pbuh). “Holding training courses at graduate level in the field of genealogy and descendants of the Prophet (pbuh) has systematized researchers to that end”.
Stating that there is no obstacle to boosting cooperation between Islamic Research Foundation and Al-Zurriya al-Nabaviya Research Center, Gharamaleki said: “Our main strategy is to participate in research, publication and promotional projects; that is why we have established the Deputy Office for Promotion and Socialization in line with sustainability of research studies.” 
He finally pointed out that Islamic Research Foundation’s main endeavor is to increase cooperation with world scientific centers”.