Quran Center of Imam Reza Shrine active in over 202 cities

Wednesday , 03/30/2022 - 15:25
Quran Center of Imam Reza Shrine active in over 202 cities
The main mission of Quran Center of Imam Reza Holy Shrine is promotion of Quran and changing Imam Reza holy shrine into the world’s biggest center of Quranic activities, says head of the center Hoj. Seyyed Masoud Mirian, adding that the center is now active in over 202 cities, towns, and villages across the country.

Noting that along with issue of pilgrimage, the holy shrine has to be active in the field of Quranic teachings, Hoj. Mirian said: “Activities of the Holy Quran Center include different kinds of teachings from kindergarten levels up to the highest possible courses of recitation, interpretation and memorization of holy Quran which are taught by most famous Iranian instructors”.
Mirian further noted that more than seven thousand Quran servants help the center in holding and managing its programs all over the country.
He referred to the project of “I Love Quran” as the biggest ongoing project of the Holy Quran Center which is held through cooperation with other holy shrines of the country.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Mirian referred to the special programs of the center for children, saying: “With a 25-year-old history, the Mahd al-Reza gives specialized services to pre-school children through storytelling and playing games. The children become familiar with practical verses and traditions”.
Following four decades since the day of establishment, a total number of 3300 kindergarten teachers have been trained and 117 training courses have been held online and in person which is a fundamental change in the educational activities of Imam Reza holy shrine.
Regarding virtual services of this center he said: “One of the most important measures taken last year was launching of comprehensive educational system through which students of Quran can enjoy trainings in the desired fields. They can also have their personal files, certificates, and exams”.
According to Mirian, after more than four years of activities, one can see expansion of the center’s activities in terms of quantity, quality and geography. “Before establishment of this center, limited Quranic activities of the holy shrine could be seen in 9 provinces of the country, but now we are witnessing activities in all 31 provinces and also in some international areas”.