Imam Reza shrine, specialized center for publishing Quran

Tuesday , 04/05/2022 - 7:41
Imam Reza shrine, specialized center for publishing Quran
Imam Reza Holy Shrine’s Publishing Institute has now turned into one of the most specialized centers for printing and publishing Quran in the world, says Masoud Farzaneh the CEO of the institute.

Farzaneh said that Imam Reza holy shrine has been home to most precious artistic works for ages and considers reprint of Quranic exquisites as its main duty. “Being a model, having necessary standards and quality in producing written cultural items are among most significant features that distinguish this institute from other similar bodies.” 
He added: “Meeting special printing demands of pilgrims during coronavirus restrictions including personal prayers for the use of pilgrims as well as sending more than 30 export shipments to neighboring countries were some activities of this institute during coronavirus pandemic”. 
He further stated that the three-year mid-term plan was another important program of this institute during last year which was developed in line with the mission of compiling Quranic and Razavi teachings. 
Farzaneh went on to say: “Some main areas of this mid-term plan are boosting quality of printed products, gaining customer satisfaction, and providing paper as a strategic commodity in production of written cultural and religious products”.
Referring to the Western sanctions and the ensuing difficulties, the CEO of Imam Reza Holy Shrine’s Publishing Institute said: “Increasing production efficiency by improving productivity and human interactions, reducing costs, upgrading equipment, and maintaining machineries by employing technical elements within the institute were some key strategies employed to tackle sanctions”.