Holy shrine under 20 development, reconstruction projects

Wednesday , 07/06/2022 - 15:44
Holy shrine under 20 development, reconstruction projects
Imam Reza holy shrine is under 20 new reconstruction and development projects in different courtyards and porticos, says Ghafarian Asadast, deputy for planning and programming of Technical and Maintenance Organization of the holy shrine adding, the new projects upgrade level of service to Imam Reza’s (AS) pilgrims.

These 20 projects include restoration of tiling, construction of new porticoes, courtyards, passageways, replacement of pavement stones, and building new green spaces.
Ghafarian Asadast said: “The subterranean project of Sheikh Bahaei sanctuary is the biggest and most paramount project among ongoing ones in which 46 thousand square meters will be added to the roofed spaces of the holy shrine”. 
He stressed: “The pavement project between Sheikh Tousi and Sheikh Tabarsi sanctuaries is also another project now under construction. The whole area of pavement projects of this kind inside and outside of the holy shrine reach 80 thousand square meters now”.  
Ghafarian Asadast said: “Every construction or equipment of the shrine has its useful lifetime. As useful life time of pavement and insulation of Enghelab-e Eslami courtyard had been finished, we made decision to replace old pavement stones with new ones”. 
The official further noted: “Constructing and operating elevators and escalators in different parts is also on the schedule; many are under construction in different points including the elevator connecting Sheikh Tousi Sanctuary to Dar al-Hojjah”. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, Ghafarian Asadast referred to renewal projects of the holy shrine, saying “Tile works of the eastern wall of Imam Khomeini portico, entrance of Dar al-Hojjah portico in Sheikh Horr Ameli sanctuary as well as mirror works at Bab al-Hadi and Bab al-Kazim entrances are among most important renewal projects of these days”.   
Referring to construction of a new museum for the complex, Ghafarian Asadast mentioned: “Protection of existing art and architecture in Imam Reza holy shrine along with implementation of development projects to improve level of service have always been among basic strategies of Technical and Maintenance Organization”.