Imam Reza shrine holds graduation ceremony for Intl. students

Sunday , 07/17/2022 - 16:21
Imam Reza shrine holds graduation ceremony for Intl. students
Imam Reza holy shrine’s Office for Foreign Pilgrims’ Affairs has held a special graduation ceremony for a number of foreign students of Iranian universities.

The ceremony which was held in Qods Courtyard of the holy shrine had foreign students from some 20 countries in attendance. Afghanistan, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, China, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Syria, Georgia, India, and Nigeria were some of these countries. 
Congratulating the group on their graduation and Vilayat Ten-Day Celebrations, Mostafa Feizi, general director of Imam Reza holy shrine, addressed the group, saying: “You are among first group of people who can celebrate their graduation ceremony in a heaven-like place and tie their future with Imam Reza (AS)”. 
He added: “You are considered as representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolution and martyrs of the Islamic world in your countries; we are proud of extending our hand of brotherhood and support to you”.  
General director of the holy shrine said: “I hope we can improve scientific and practical level of the Islamic society through our cooperation”. 
As another keynote speaker of the ceremony, Hashem Dadashpour, deputy minister of science, research, and technology, said: “This ceremony is a starting point for more interactions with foreign students and universities”.
He added: “Khorasan Razavi has always been a place for thought and dialogue among different religions because Imam Reza (AS) was a pioneer of dialogue among religions”.
Dadashpour stated that wen Islamic Revolution was culminated in 1979, a call for unity - which had all requirements of a public invitation - was sent from Iran to the Islamic world”.
Also in the same ceremony, Ayatollah Seyyed Hashem Heydari, secretary general of Iraq’s Ahd Allah movement, stated: “The noteworthy point is that obtaining a degree is not important at all; the main test is to move towards a righteous life by trusting in God and following conducts of Ahl al-Bayt (AS)”.
Ayatollah Heydari stressed: “We are now facing most challenging type of war which is nothing but soft war; we have to do our best to emerge triumphant from this fight”.