Special technology, innovation committee a necessity for better pilgrim services: deputy custodian

Saturday , 07/23/2022 - 12:24
Special technology, innovation committee a necessity for better pilgrim services: deputy custodian
Deputy custodian of Imam Reza shrine has called artistic, media and modern technology capacities a necessity for publicizing Infallible Imams’ teachings and facilitating pilgrimage.

In his visit to the Iraqi city of Najaf to attend Islamic holy shrines summit, Malek Rahmati stated that Islamic holy shrines needed to enhance their capacities in pilgrim services through establishing a special technology and innovation committee.
Pointing to the historical, cultural, and social significance of pilgrimage, Imam Reza shrine deputy custodian noted: “There used to be some cultural and social activities in different countries that have slid into oblivion over history. Pilgrimage is, however, the only issue that has played a multi-millennial role in the improvement of people’s religious understanding”.
He called pilgrimage the most attractive, pervasive, influential, and spiritual religious act taking place in holy shrines, considering these unique features the reason behind enemies’ machinations to undermine it. “All their hostile intentions, however, have been rendered null and void through diligence of holy shrines servants and Arbaeen's multi-million march”.
“Imam Reza shrine has put all its cultural and scientific capacities such as academic facilities, libraries, museums, etc. to use in order to transfer its experience in providing quality pilgrim services to other holy shrines”, said Rahamti in his meeting with deputy custodians of Imam Hussein, Hazrat Abbas and Imam Hassan Askari shrines in Iraq.
He referred to four fundamental duties of holy shrines in this regard as provision of decent accommodation, good and healthy food, healthcare, and transcendent pilgrimage. 
He also stressed employing state-of-the-art media and art tools across the holy shrines for better pilgrim services and called for a synergy in these capacities to pave the way for Islamic teachings to reach out to greater audience throughout the world.
He concluded his remarks by drawing attention to the upcoming Arbaeen march to the Iraqi city of Karbala and urged the holy shrines custodians in the Arab country to tap into the modern technology and facilitate pilgrimage via designing some software and applications, emphasizing on the necessity of a technology and innovation committee for better synergy and cooperation.