Intl. training course for Quran teachers comes to end in Imam Reza shrine

Sunday , 07/24/2022 - 8:00
Intl. training course for Quran teachers comes to end in Imam Reza shrine
Imam Reza holy shrine’s Scientific and Cultural Foundation has held closing ceremony of first international training course for Quran teachers in presence of over 150 Iranian and foreign Quran activists.

Speaking in the ceremony, Hoj. Masoud Mirian, head of Holy Quran Center, said: “The global training course was held with the aim of hoisting flag of Quran and Ahl al-Bayt (AS) under the holy name of Imam Reza (AS) so that participating teachers can implement creative methods of this course in their countries”.
Referring to Imam Mahdi’s Quranic activities in his future government, Hoj. Mirian added: “We have to form Quran circles so that we can be considered as a soldier for Imam Mahdi (AS)”. 
He also said: “Spreading Razavi teachings all over the world was the first goal of holding this Quranic course under holy name of Imam Reza (AS). In continuation, this group of teachers have to be in touch with each other and exchange ideas and experiences. To reach this important goal, books have to be translated into the target languages”. 
As another speaker of the closing ceremony, Hassan Gholampour, communications expert at Scientific and Cultural Foundation’s Deputy Office for International Affairs, said: “The first international training course was held in cooperation with the Holy Quran Center of Imam Reza holy shrine with more than 150 teachers from 13 countries as participants”.
Gholampour added: “This course was first intensive course with modern method in international level and we hope to see the application of this method among Quranic activists of the world”.