‘Ghadir to Ashoura’ event held in Imam Reza shrine

Wednesday , 07/27/2022 - 12:11
‘Ghadir to Ashoura’ event held in Imam Reza shrine
The international literary and artistic event of “Ghadir to Ashoura” has gotten underway in Imam Reza shrine under the aegis of the Institute of Artistic Creations.

The event, which focused on the impact of Ghadir culture on the works of Muslim and non-Muslim thinkers and artists, has been held in Sheikh Tabarsi Hall of Islamic Research Foundation in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad with outstanding figures of different religious denominations in attendance. It has been a sequel to ‘Ghadir Rain’ international gathering held in Tehran on July 24. 
According to Amir Mahdi Hakimi, CEO of the Institute of Artistic Creations: “Different nations, ethnicities and religions hold the holy Prophet’s Infallible Household in a very high regard because of their matchless life, conduct and words”. 
Stressing that the Infallible Imams had always treated people affectionately, he said people of different religious affiliations love them, so much so that “a great many literary and artistic figures have eulogized the holy Prophet’s Infallible Household in their works”.
Elsewhere, Hoj. Mohammadreza Zaeri, secretariat of the Sixth International ‘Ghadir Rain’ Gathering, noted: “It’s not an overstatement to say that Imam Ali has been the most extolled figure in human history”.
Speaking about the six previous rounds of the gathering, he added: “Various faiths, ethnicities and religious denominations have tried to portray the luminous characters of the holy Prophet’s Infallible Household in different tongues”.
 “I’ve always asserted in international events that Imam Ali is a universal figure. He is, in fact, a great philosophy”, said Ellina Lavian, an Iranian Jewish researcher and poet.  
Later in the event, several literary and artistic figures and university lecturers from India, Palestine, Syria, and Afghanistan recited their poems in praise of Imam Ali (AS), Imam Reza (AS), and Imam Hussein (AS).