Revitalizing lessons of Imam Hussein’s movement be explained in mourning ceremonies: Custodian

Saturday , 07/30/2022 - 16:52
Revitalizing lessons of Imam Hussein’s movement be explained in mourning ceremonies: Custodian
The custodian of Imam Reza shrine urges that the revitalizing lessons of Imam Hussein’s movement be explained in the mourning ceremonies during the holy month of Muharram.

In a ritual to clad the shrine of Imam Reza and its dome in black to mark the mourning month of Muharram on the eve of July 29, Hoj. Ahmad Marvi called the holy Prophet (pbuh) and Infallible Imams the real owners of mourning ceremonies during Muharram and Safar (the first and second months in the lunar calendar).
“Passage of time and enemies’ hostilities and pressures have never reduced the grandeur of Imam Hussein’s mourning ceremonies. Yet, the impact and magnificence of such ceremonies have prevailed hearts over time, so much so that they have grown in vitality and Imam Hussein’s name has become resonant more than ever”, continued the custodian, stressing the clarification of Ashura lessons in mourning ceremonies.
Asserting that Imam Hussein (AS) is an undying light, Hoj. Marvi said: “The epic of Ashura is the manifestation of honor, and the Imam’s movement until his martyrdom is the materialization of glory, dignity, and esteem. Therefore, we must be cautious not to express anything at odds with that dignity”.
He insisted that the sermons during Muharram need to be imbued with the spirit of bravery, sacrifice, selflessness, and resistance against oppression. “Ashura incident grants honor and freedom and breathes new life into society; it promotes actual Islam and faith, and Imam Hussein is the embodiment of a faithful human; therefore, real faith has to be portrayed in his mourning ceremonies”.
Hoj. Marvi also called for the eulogies and sermons to be extracted from eligible sources and warned against those contrary to the glory and dignity of Imam Hussein (AS).
The official concluded his remarks by pointing to the Infallible Imams’ emphasis on holding mourning ceremonies during Muharram, noting: “A look at the life and conduct of the Infallible Imams reveals the fact that they had always encouraged people to mourn for Imam Hussein’s passions, which is indicative of the significance of his movement for the survival of Islam”.