Children’s portico hosts mourning ceremony of “Pigeons Confraternity” during Muharram

Tuesday , 08/02/2022 - 7:45
Children’s portico hosts mourning ceremony of “Pigeons Confraternity” during Muharram
The children’s portico in Imam Reza shrine, allocated to 5-to-9-year-old kids for the past few months, is hosting special mourning ceremonies known as ‘Pigeons Confraternity’ during Muharram (the first month in the lunar calendar).

Having previously been part of Kowthar Portico, the children’s portico was opened early this year to provide the young pilgrims with a special space to benefit from specific cultural and religious programs designed for this age group. 
Families have widely welcomed programs in this portico over the past months, so much so that a large number of children have participated in them. Therefore, Imam Reza shrine has decided to hold special mourning events for children alongside public mourning ceremonies during Muharram.
Stressing the significance of promoting the culture of the holy Prophet’s (pbuh) Infallible Household among young children, the deputy head of Islamic Ideology Dissemination Hossein Shariatinejad noted: “We've all grown with an undying love for Imam Hussein, and it's incumbent upon us to pass this unique tradition to the younger generation. Therefore, over 100 programs are underway during Muharram in the shrine, one of which is ‘Pigeons Confraternity’ mourning ceremonies for children”.
Shariatinejad also talked about the avid turnout of families and their children over the first few days and urged that participants should register in advance due to limited space and Covid-related health protocols. “Special mourning programs for children include religious chants, chest-beating ritual, anecdotes of Ashura, etc.”
The programs are underway over the first ten days of Muharram from 8:30 to 9:30 and parents or teachers should call 05132002888 for registration.