How far should we protect our body?
Thursday , 02/06/2014 - 13:33
صحن آزادی
Here, we should mention that someone may deny responsibility which can endanger them physically; they deny responsibility by taking advantage of the reason "the necessity of avoiding self-induction on the verge of being killed" and may utilize from this story of the Imam (A.S).
Such people ought to notice that they can’t always use this verse. The nature of martyrdom for God is not self-destruction, but it should be beneficial for Islam and Shi'a. In other words, when you should stay and save yourself, you ought to prioritize it. When you had better be killed, you should endanger your body and it's also right about martyrdom. Imam's affidavit was about the nature of being killed or its type in the beginning, but the Imam (A.S) did not adduce this reason next time since his martyrdom was certain and its type was good as it was.