The Report of Martyrdom before the Event
Thursday , 02/06/2014 - 13:34
نور آرایی در حرم
Another point which was useful in Imam's (A.S) activity is the report that the Imam (A.S) mentioned the report of his martyrdom by Ma'mun to Harsameh. The Imam (A.S) informed him, who was one of Imam’s follower and was one of the people in Ma'mun’s government, about his assassination in order that he would be efficient in informing people, Shi'a and he would reveal Ma'mun’s nature.
Ma'mun might abuse Shi'a people and their collaboration by secret killing and pretended as if he had loved the Imam (A.S). Therefore, he would encourage Shi'a to cooperate and to enter his government.
The Imam (A.S) avoided Ma'mun’s plan to be conducted by a careful planning and informed Hasameh of his assassination by Ma'mun. He explained the details for him as if he would have no doubt.
Harsame was close in Ma'mun’s government. He seemed to be a go-between Ma'mun and Imam Reza (A.S) and transferred Ma'mun’s messages to the Imam (A.S).
Harsameh said: “I was at Ma'mun’s service until midnight till he allowed me to go. I went home. Few hours later, Imam’s servant came and said: “The Imam (A.S) is going to talk to you." I went there quickly. The Imam (A.S) said: There is something which I tell you. Listen carefully. I'm about to die. Ma'mun is going to kill me. He had put poison into the grapes by a needle and had put some pomegranates in his servants' poisonous hands so that they would be poisonous after they were pressed. He is inviting me tonight and will ask me to eat the poisonous grapes or pomegranates. I will be martyred as I told you."
Harsame continued: "When I was with Ma'mun, he told me: "Go to the Imam (A.S) and say that whether he will come here or I will go there." I hurried up so as to tell Ma'mun's message to the Imam (A.S). As soon as I arrived, the Imam (A.S) said: "Harsameh, have you remembered what I told you?" I said: "Yes." The Imam (A.S) got on his horse and went to Ma'mun's meeting.
Ma'mun talked to the Imam (A.S) and after a while he ordered to bring some grapes or pomegranates. As I heard about this event, my body shacked. I went out of the meeting so that Ma'mun would not understand my feeling.
I waited. The Imam came out near Azan and went to his home. After a while, Ma'mun called upon some doctors. I asked him the reason; he told: "The Imam (A.S) is sick and he called upon the doctors to cure him. The people didn't know what had happened and were doubtful, but I was sure that Ma'mun is the killer."
This report managed to inform Shi'a and many people in that time and all the time about the real fact and made a disable looser out of such a great pretender like Ma'mun that "they planned, and Allah (also) planned; and Allah is the best of the planners."