Present Day Mashhad

Sunday , 06/10/2018 - 17:56
The distance between Mashhad and Tehran is 954 km and it is the second largest metropolis of Iran and one of the largest holy cities in the world.

Annually, Mashhad and its surrounding countryside have over 20 million pilgrims and tourists from around Iran and the world. Thus, the province of Khorasan is a major religious, cultural, social, and economic center of the country. In the past, Khorasan was a crossroad for the Silk Road and presently, all major air, rail, and roadways connect Mashhad to the rest of the nation as well as the world. In 1995, the Sarakhs-Tajen (Khorasan to Turkmenistan) Railway was inaugurated and hence a part of the famous Silk Road was once again restored.
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