The Sacred Dome

Tuesday , 03/08/2016 - 16:03
The Sacred Dome
The dome is a special symbol in the ancient and religious lands and cities and signifies people's devotion to their religious leaders, Holy Imams (A.S.), and Allah's saints. The glorious and golden sacred dome of the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.), as one of the most beautiful religious monuments of the holy shrine, with its gold bricks shining, has always been respected by observers. Seeing the sacred dome of the holy shrine upon arrival, after paving a long distance to come to the holy city of Mashhad, gives solace and ecstasy to the pilgrims.
In terms of building and height, the illuminated sacred dome of the holy shrine has been beautifully constructed with two covers. The first cover is in fact the ceiling of the holy burial chamber, which is concave and muqarnas (arched), known as "Qubbah"(cupola). The second cover has been placed over the first cover, which is the apparent sacred dome. Between the two covers, there is an empty space with the height of more than 13 meters. The walls of the magnificent hall (auditorium of the holy shrine) with a thickness of 2.90 meters support the whole weight of the sacred dome.
The height of the cupola from the floor of the holy burial chamber is 18.80 meters, and its height from the floor to the summit of the sacred dome is 31.20 meters. The sacred dome has an outer diameter of 42.10 meters. Its height, from the pinnacle of the dome to a place where the gold work has started is 16.40 meters, and the height of its ring is 3.50 meters. The height of its stem to the gilded bricks, namely from starting point of gilding to the armlet of dome, is 4.79 meters.
At first, the sacred dome of the holy shrine had been constructed with Iranian yellow bricks, and later it was decorated with beautiful tiles. During the period of the Safavid dynasty (in the era of Shah Tahmasb), the precious bricks of the sacred dome were substituted for the gold bricks for the first time. In 932 A.H., Shah Tahmasb first removed the tiles of the sacred dome and then gilded surface of the sacred dome with gold-coated copper foils.
History and the Builder of the Sacred Dome
The Destrcution of Sacred Dome during History