The Passways for Entrance into the Holy Shrine
Saturday , 08/25/2012 - 22:37
ورودی‌‌های حرم مطهر امام رضا(علیه السلام)
There are four passways leading to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) through Shirazi, Tabarsi, Nawwab Safavi, Imam Reza (A.S.), and Martyr Andarzgu avenues. The passway towards the holy shrine for each avenue is as follows:
1. Holy Shrine’s Western Passway:
The Shirazi Avenue, the entrances, Sheikh-i-Tusi Sanctuary
From this place, now, the holy shrine is accessible through two passways:
A: The right direction: Jumhuri Islami courtyard → Holy Burial Chamber
Jumhuri Islami courtyard, Dar-al-Wilayah courtyard, Dar-al-Siyadah Portico, Dar-al-Huffaz Portico of the holy shrine (through shoe keeping rooms No. 15 and No.16)
B: Opposite side: the Inqilab Courtyard → Holy Burial Chamber
The Inqilab Courtyard, Dar-al-Wilayah, Dar-al-Sharaf, Dar-al-Shukr, Dar-al-Fayd, Tawhid Khanah, Allah Verdi Khan portico, Dar-al-Diyafah (through shoe keeping rooms No. 1-6)

2. Holy Shrine’s Northern Passway:
From the Tabarsi Avenue
Passing through this passway is easy and many prefer to take this way. The passway towards the holy shrine is as follows:
Sheikh-i-Tabarsi sanctuary, the Inqilab courtyard→ the Holy Burial Chamber
After entering the Inqilab courtyard, take the same way as the western passway through the Inqilab courtyard.
3. Holy Shrine’s Eastern Passway:
From the Nawwab-i-Safavi Avenue
Through the Nawwab-i-Safavi Avenue, after passing the entrances, there are two passways that lead to the Holy Burial Chamber:

-Sheikh Hurr-i-Ameli Sanctuary, the Inqilab Courtyard→ the Holy Burial Chamber (through the shoe keeping rooms No.1-6, placed at the porticos mentioned in the western passway)
- The Azadi Courtyard
From the Azadi Courtyard, two passways lead to the holy shrine:
- The Azadi courtyard, Dar-al-Saadah Portico, Hatam Khani Dome → the Holy Burial Chamber
- The Azadi courtyard, Dar-al-Surur, Dar-al-Salam portico, Dar-al-Huffaz Portico→ the Holy Burial Chamber

4. Holy Shrine’s Southern Passway:
Imam Reza (A.S.) and Martyr Andarzgu Avenues
After passing the entrances of Bab-al-Reza (A.S.) (Imam Reza (A.S.) Avenue) and Bab-al-Jawad (A.S.) (Martyr Andarzgu Avenue or Khusravi Naw) leading both to the Razavi Grand courtyard, three ways in this passway, lead to the holy burial chamber:

The Razavi Grand courtyard, Imam Khomeini (R.A.) portico, the Razavi Grand courtyard, the Quds Courtyard, the Gowharshad Mosque, the Dar-al-Siyadah or Dar-al-Huffaz Porticos, the Razavi Grand courtyard, the Sheikh Bahaei Sanctuary, Dar-al-Wilayah Portico→ the Holy Burial Chamber (through the shoe keeping rooms No.13 and No.14)