The Timurids (Gowharshad Mosque and Dudar Seminary)
Sunday , 08/05/2012 - 2:37
امام رضا
Timurid age is considered as a glorious era in terms of architecture of holy shrine. The magnificent monument of Gowharshad mosque, placed in the southern side of the holy shrine, and the historical porticos of Dar-al-Huffaz and Dar-al-Siyadah, are the important architectural works accomplished in this period. Parizad and Dudar seminaries, and the old seminary of Balasar attached to the western side of Dar-al-Siyadah portico, which is now a part of Dar-al-Wilaya portico, are some other premises erected in this period. All these monuments date back to the era of Gowharshad Khatun’s spouse, Shahrukh Taymuri - the monarch of Timurid dynasty.
The southern side of the Inqilab-i-Islami courtyard is one of the other works of this period constructed by Amir Ali Shir Navaie - the minister of Sultan Hessian Bayqara (the last monarch of the Timurid dynasty) between 875-885A.H./1454-1464A.D.