The Illumination Affairs
Monday , 08/27/2012 - 22:35
اداره امور روشنایی حرم مطهر رضوی

Good illumination and lightness raises the efficiency and avoids eyestrain, headache, and visual defects. Khuddam of the holy shrine try hard to provide a good environment with enough illumination for the pilgrims.
The Illumination Department has the responsibility to produce, preserve, maintain, replace, and clean the various kinds of candelabrums, lusters, limelights, chandeliers and the lamps burning tallows and also the responsibility to set up the table with flowerpot and the candleholder with tulip in special occasions, as well as to decorate and mount the cloth inside and outside of lecturing tribunes in the sacred premises, etc. The Illumination Affairs Office is in charge of keeping illuminated more than 30,500 lamps.
This office tries to provide a ground for developing this technology. In line with this objective, it has has accomplishments such as using low-consuming lamps and lux-meters across the whole sacred premises during summer and winter.