Holy Shrine’s Intelligence
Tuesday , 09/11/2012 - 15:44
بدرقه کاروان 170 نفری خادمان بارگاه منور رضوی به راهپیمایی عظیم اربعین حسینی
Holy Shrine’s Intelligence, at the first place, is responsible for preventing and detecting the crimes. With its consultative view, then, it tries to solve the problem; in the next step, it exercises the due penal and legal actions. The activities of Holy Shrine’s Intelligence, on this basis, are as follows:
The Detection of Crimes:
This unit has a burdensome responsibility since it does the most of the control and supervision to provide the security across the sacred premises. This unit deals with the affairs of thieves, addicts, and carriers of narcotic substances, beggars, quarrelers, and those who have lost or missed their properties. Criminals are delivered to related authorities, and those in need of social workers are introduced to the Office for Social Affairs and Consultation.
Aid and Consultation:
This unit offers consultative services to vagrant or runaway boys, girls, men, and women, and if necessary, they are introduced to the related authorities. Generally, this unit has the duty of controlling and looking after the offended people across the sacred premises.
Penal and Legal Affairs:
Investigation and inspection from the captured criminals, querying, reviewing the pictures and preparing identikit portraits, determining the time and place of occurrence of the crime, checking the properties from the thieves, and informing the property missing people, are the main duties of the Unit of Penal and Legal Affairs.
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