Northern Balcony
Monday , 08/13/2012 - 23:22
رواق دارالحکمه
This lofty balcony, also known as “Bab-i-Tabarsi”, has been located on the northern side of the Inqilab courtyard. The outer portal of this balcony leads to the Sheikh Tabarsi sanctuary. This balcony is considered as one of the unique tilework masterpieces. It also enjoys some inscriptions as follows:
An inscription containing "Salawat" (Allahumma Sall-i Ala Muhammad Wa Al-i Muhammad (O' God bless Muhammad and his descendents) can be seen on the prayer niche-shaped platform placed at the center of this balcony. The date (1059 A.H.) and the name of the calligrapher have been inscribed at the end of this inscription. The Arabic text is as follows:
«کتبه محمد رضا الامامی اصفهانی سنه تسع و خمسین بعد الالف 1059»

Another inscription on the summit of the platform placed inside this balcony reads as follows:

“To express our gratitude for the right fights of the Muslim nation of Iran guided by late Founder of the Islamic Revolution-Ayatollah Khomeini (R.A.) - and to commemorate of all those martyred and wounded in this place during the Islamic Revolution, this place is titled as "The Inqilab Courtyard", Month of Rajab, 1399 A.H.”
Another inscription indicates the date of renovating this balcony during the era of Shah Abbas ІΙ. The supplication of Nad Ali is inscribed inside the Abbasi balcony on the western and eastern sides. The holy chapter “Jum’ah” in “Thulth” script can be also seen in white color, over the margin of this balcony written by Muhammad Hussein Mashhadi. The date of 1262 A.H. has been also inscribed on this inscription.
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