Jumhuri Islami Courtyard

Saturday , 08/25/2012 - 21:55
Jumhuri Islami Courtyard
The Jumhuri Islami courtyard is one of the buildings constructed after the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution aiming to provide welfare and comfort to the pilgrims. This courtyard is one of the largest courtyards of the holy shrine.
This building has been located at the western side of the holy Zarih and was constructed in 1368 H.S. Including the surrounding spaces, this courtyard enjoys a build-up area of about 25,750 sqms, from which an area of 11,873 sqms is allocated to the basement and its chambers, 7300 sqms to the open space, and 1645 sqms to the chambers of the courtyard. There are four large symmetrical balconies and portals located on the four sides of the courtyard, which enjoy Islamic-traditional architectural style.
A sundial stands at the center of this courtyard indicates the time for performing noon prayer. "Bab-al-Rahmah" is the entrance leading to the Sheikh Bahaei sanctuary from the eastern side of this courtyard.
Eastern Balcony (Bab-al-Wilayah or Golden Balcony)
Northern Balcony (Bab-al-Ilm)
Western Balcony (Bab-al-Ghadir)
Southern Balcony (Bab-al-Shahadah)
Saqqa Khanah (Drinking water repository)