Farrashan (sweepers)
Tuesday , 09/11/2012 - 16:01
خادمان در مراسم آئینی جارو
Farrashan (sweepers) are those Khuddam charged with the responsibilities such as cleaning, washing, and dusting the porticos, keeping order and discipline, offering necessary advices and guidelines to the respected pilgrims regarding the Islamic virtues and behavior, distributing and offering the flowers over the holy Zarih to the pilgrims as gift, and snow clearing from the holy shrine and the other sacred premises.
Farrashan (sweepers) prepare the Dar-al-Huffaz or Dar-al-Salam porticos for holding the religious ceremonies of Suffah and Khutbah (oration) every morning.
They also set up the tablet, tulip, and the holy Qur’an to prepare for the morning and evening ceremonies of Suffah, and guide the pilgrims in Dar-al-Huffaz and Dar-al-Salam porticos.
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