Dar-al-Fayd Portico

Friday , 08/10/2012 - 16:34
Dar-al-Fayd Portico
This portico is situated behind the holy Zarih and is attached to the holy burial chamber. Its southern terrace known as "Shah Tahmasebi Terrace" enjoys an expansive corridor connecting to two small corridors through which this portico is attached to the holy burial chamber. It is also attached to the Tawhid Khanah portico through the northern terrace of Dar-al-Fayd portico, which has been situated symmetrically at the opposite side of the southern terrace of this portico.
Due to its attachment to the Tawhid Khanah portico, this portico is thought by some historians to have been constructed by late Fayd Kashani, coinciding with his constructing the Tawhid Khanah portico, during the Safavid age. There is a small corridor at the north eastern side of Dar-al-Fayd portico, which connects the portico to the Allah Verdi Khan dome. Its western terrace is located between Dar-al-Fayd and Dar-al-Shukr porticos. Dar-al-Fayd portico is 14.30 meters long, 7.20 meters wide and 9.60 meters high. Including the surrounding spaces, the build-up area of this portico is 112 sqms. The plinth of Dar-al-Fayd has been decorated with white marble stone up to the height of about 1.67 meters and there is a stone inscription above the plinth of this portico with 33 cms width that contains some poems composed by Qaani, inscribed in "Nasta’liq” script. This is the opening verse of the poem:

“Well done, your soil has preceded the splendor of the heaven; from your blessing, the earth is the envy of the seven Heavens”

From above this inscription to the muqarnas ceiling, the whole walls, pillars and the ceiling of the portico have been decorated with colorful tiles and beautiful designs.

Western Balcony
Eastern Balcony
Southern Balcony
Northern Balcony