Preserving the Found Objects
Monday , 08/27/2012 - 22:17
دفتر اشیای گمشده
The huge crowd of pilgrims, sometimes, distracts their attention to their belongings. A large number of bags, shoes, and other things from pilgrims are found in the holy shrine each day, and are carried to the “Preserving the Found Objects” department located at the Jumhuri Islami courtyard. Therefore, if you lose something you can refer to this department and take back your lost thing (if available).
Moreover, at the west north of the Ghadir courtyard, there is an office for preserving the lost shoes and clothing, where the found things are registered in the related books and are classified and preserved in special locations. In the event of finding an address relating the lost thing, these offices send it to its owner by post.
The found things with no one referring to get them, or those with no address available are preserved for a certain time and then they are be dealt with according to religious principles.