The Holy Tomb
Monday , 03/07/2016 - 16:29
The Current Condition of Holy Shrine
The word “Haram” is mainly associated with Zarih in the minds of most pilgrims. However, Haram is a square-like space that encompasses the holy tomb and consists of the dome, the gravestone, and Zarih. Haram is connected to the inside and the outside through several terraces.
The geometric figure of holy shrine is somewhat square with an area of 182,000 sqms, after the expansion project.
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, with the executive operation of the project resumed in the premises, some other parts of holy shrine were also extended including back, front, and foot sides of the holy burial chamber, and their surface was decorated with muarraq tiles, like overhead (Balasar) side.
Haram leads to porticos through golden doors from southern and easthern sides. It also leads to other porticos and Balasar Mosque through two big (norhtern and western) terraces.
The Reconstruction of the Holy Tomb after the Victory of the Islamic Revolution
The Holy Gravestone
Inscriptive Text of the New Gravestone of Imam Reza (A.S.)