The Fourth Zarih; Shir wa Shekar Zarih

Sunday , 08/05/2012 - 23:18
The Fourth Zarih; Shir wa Shekar Zarih
The fourth Zarih, called Gold and Silver Zarih and known as Shir Wa Shekar, was installed on the second Zarih in 1338 H.S., right after removing and transferring the third Zarih to the Central Museum of Astan Quds Razavi. This Zarih was designed and made by late distinguished artist, Haj Muhammad Taqi Zufan and a number of famous embossers and artisans from Isfahan, under the supervision of late artisan Sayyed Abu-al Hasan-i-Hafeziyan.
This Zarih is 4 meters long, 3.60 meters wide and 3.90 meters high. It weighs 7 tons and contains 14 orifices bearing the names of the Fourteen Infallibles (A.S.). Surah Ya-Sin has been inscribed in Thulth script by Fazaili Isfahani on a gold-made frame, placed on the edge of the burial chamber. In the second inscription, all around the Zarih rests Surah Hal-Ata in Thulth script. There are 44 gilded colorful leaves among 44 colorful vases installed beautifully over the edge of this burial chamber. Furthermore, the fourth burial chamber has been decorated with 44 Holy Names of Allah- the Exalted- inscribed in gilded embossed "Thulth" script by late Haj Sheikh Ahmad-i-Zanjani on a plate decorated with an azure enameled background and colorful flowers.
The roof of the Zarih has been covered with several gold and silver sheets. There is an inscription inside the ceiling of this burial chamber, on which one of the holy verses of the Glorious Qur'an has been inscribed in "Thulth" script in white on an azure background. The following is the holy verse written in golden Kufi script inside the mentioned inscription:
«لله الاسماء الحسنی فادعوه بها»