Parizad School

Wednesday , 03/15/2017 - 15:21
نشست های عمومی فقه و زندگی در مدرسه پریزاد
Parizad School is located in the Razavi Holy Shrine’s south west side. It is across from two-door school and next to Dar al-Wilayah portico. The school was first built near a main bazaar known as Zanjir bazaar.
 The building is one of the oldest and most famous schools of Mashhad seminary constructed in Shahrukh Mirza government and Timurid era. The school was built by lady Parizad, Goharshad’s maid of honor, in 823/ 1420. Goharshad was Shahrukh Mirza’s wife. Like other schools of that era, Parizad School has got four porches and it is 300 square meters with two floors and 22 small chambers. According to its endowment deed, the center has been built to serve pilgrim seminary students (for maximum of two months) for purposes like rest and debate sessions.
Despite of several reconstructions done in the center, the original structure has not been changed at all. These reconstructions include those modifications conducted by Najaf Qoli Khan Biglar Beigi at time of Safavid Soleiman Shah in 1091/ 1680.

At the present time, Parizad School is run under the supervision of information and answering office to religious questions as one of the subparts of Astan Quds Razavi’s Advertisements Assistance. The school sub-sections include answering to religious questions both in person and via mail and phone calls, religious consultation, responding to questions received from post and email services, wisdom circles, introducing Razavi Shrine, computer and information department.