Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Nahavandi
Tuesday , 09/11/2012 - 21:50
حاج شیخ علی اکبر نهاوندی
Haj Sheikh Ali Akbar Nahavandi, son of late Sheikh Hussein Nahavandi, known as “Tajalli”, was one of the distinguished scholars, commentators, and teachers of Astan Quds Razavi also known as “Zein-al-Ulama wa-al Mufasserin” [adornment or chief of scholars and commentators]. He was born in 1291 A.H. in Najaf. In 1317 A.H. he traveled to Mashhad along with his brother to take part in the classes of his brother, Sheikh Hasan Ali Tehrani, Haj Sheik Ismaeil Turshizi, and Mir Sayyed Ali Haeri Yazdi, the then-distinguished scholars. He achived the religious leadership (Ijtihad) confirmed by all these sholars. Then, he left Mashhad for the shrine cities of Iraq and in Karbala, Najaf, and Sameria, he took part in the seminary classes of Sayyed Ismaeil Sadr-i-Isfahani, Akhund-i-Khurasani, Sayyed Muhammad Kazim Yazdi, Haj Mirza Hasan Khalili Tehrani, Sheikh Abdullah Mazandarani, and Mirza Muhammad Taqi Shirazi known as “Mirza the second”. In 1329 A.H., he returned to Mashhad and after his brother died, he took the helm of religious affairs in Mashhad. He was teaching in Mirza Ja’far Seminary while also compiling and looking into people’s problems. “Tafsir-i-Nafahat-al-Rahman (in 4 volumes), “Zyia-al-Absar Fi-al Mabahith-al-Khyiar”, “Diwan-i-Zubdat-al-Masaeib”, “Siraj-al-Nahj in the Haj pilgrimage Affairs”, Commentary on the book “Al-Salat” written by late Haeri, and “Khelal-al-Salat” are some of his works.
Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Nahavandi was one of eyewitnesses of the bombarment of the holy shrine in 1330 A.H. and has pointed to this event in his Diwan. He knew the whole Qur’an by heart and was involved in political affairs. He had close relation with Ayatollah Kashani. Finally he passed away on Rabi’-al-Akhir 25th, 1371 A.H. and was buried in Astan Quds Razavi.