Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hadi Milani
Tuesday , 09/11/2012 - 21:46
محمد هادی میلانی
Haj Sayyed Muhammad Hadi Milani was one of the distinguished religious leaders and professors of Mashhad's Seminary. Late Ayatollah Milani was born in 1313 A.H. in a religious family in the holy city of Najaf. He learned the preliminary sciences of Islamic seminary from Sheikh Ibrahim Hamadani and Akhund Mulla Hussein Tabrizi and the Sath sciences from late Ayatollah Sheikh Ibrahim Salyani, late Sayyed Ja'far Ardebili and some other famous scholars. Then, in 1332 A.H., he migrated to the holy city of Mashhad with the intention of residing in this city. He occupied himself with teaching the Islamic sciences of Kharij Fiqh and Usul. Furthermore, he established the seminaries of Imam Sadiq (A.S.) Seminary, the Husaini Institute for the Islamic Sciences, and Milani Seminary. Ayatollah Milani passed away in the month of Rajab in 1395 A.H. and was buried in Tawhid Khanah portico.