Martyrdom of Imam Zayn al-Abidin(AS)
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Martyrdom of Imam Zayn al-Abidin(AS)
Imam Zayn al-Abidin, peace be on him, became old and weak. This is because he exhausted himself by hard worship and obedience to Allah. The historians unanimously agreed that the Ima`m passed most his lifetime fasting by day and standing in prayer by night. Meanwhile, he remembered the tragedy of Karbala`. When he looked at his aunts and his sisters, he remembered their escape from one tent to another, and the caller of the people called out: Burn the houses of the wrongdoers! These memories saddened him very much and affected his body.
The Ima`m is given Poisoned
Ima`m Zayn al-'Abidin enjoyed great popularity. The people spoke with admiration about his knowledge, his jurisprudence, and his acts of worship. The assemblies admired his patience and all his other qualities. The Ima`m occupied the hearts and feelings of the people. Hence blessed was he who saw him, met him, and listened to his words.
This situation frightened the Umayyads, especially as it concerns al-Walid b. 'Abd al-Malik, who was the most spiteful toward the Ima`m.
Al-Zuhri reported on the authority of al-Walid b. 'Abd al-Malik, who said: "I cannot have a rest as long as 'Ali b. al-Husayn is in this world!(Haya`t al-Ima`m Mohammed al-Ba`qir, vol. 1, p. 51).
When al-Walid became king, he decided to assassinate the Ima`m. He sent poison to his governor of Medina, and ordered him to mix the poison (with liquid) and give it to the Ima`m to drink.(Al-Itha`f bi Hub al-Ashra`f, p. 52. Al-Sawa`'iq al-Muhriqa, p. 53).
The poison reacted on the Ima`m's body, and he suffered severe pain. The Ima`m remained on the bed of illness for some days. He complained to Allah of this and asked Him for forgiveness and good pleasure. The people crowded to visit him, and he, peace be on him, praised and lauded Allah for providing him with martyrdom at the hand of the most wicked creature.
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